A friend mentioned this blog could serve as a “Mom’s Blog”. I’ve thought of that, often, in trying to focus this, somehow. Currently, it stands as a space to explore whatever thought comes to my mind. But, first, and foremost, I am a mother. As a mother, my perspective on life has changed. I’ve found new struggles, new challenges, and certainly new rewards. I’ve had to reconcile the beliefs formed previously with the new stance I have on life, as a mother.

What does it mean to be a mother? Many things to many people. To me, it means thinking of my son first. Arranging days and meetings and activities around his needs, and adjusting when its required. I become afraid of losing myself and my needs so I try to balance them. Being a mother in my case also means being a wife. So, defining further what family means to me and how we can create that is the next priority.

Balance, though, is my challenge. I know I need many things to stimulate my brain and help me to feel like a whole person. Being a mother to my son is rewarding in many ways with the love he shows and the pride I feel as he learns and explores. However, my brain feels addled without proper intelligent, adult conversations. The balance challenge for me are my desires: social justice volunteer, church parishioner, food club creator, wife, mother, sister, friend.

If I’m going to refocus this blog – from my clearer perspective as a mother – this blog could do with a new title. What about a Mom’s Balancing Act? Or One Mom’s Balancing Act. I am an introvert, which for me means I recharge alone. I process. I stew. I hear, I listen, I process, I decide. Writing is a form of processing, and I enjoy writing about all those strange daily interactions. I think of many, fewer of those are actually written down. (Taping those daily thoughts forms a hurdle I haven’t been able to jump!) So, this blog will continue to be about all those interests of mine: food, sustainability, family, social responsibilities. But, perhaps I can focus it with my perspective, as a mother.

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