BPA in Everything

5 years ago, the only studies we could find were wacky folks testing their lab mice. Now, the evidence is clear and people are listening. So the question really just is: how do we get away from BPA and other things that lessen our quality of life?


The Accidental Husband

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I recently watched The Accidental Husband snatched straight from my Netflix queue.  I picked it because it starred Uma Thurman, Colin Firth, and it was new – and I hadn’t watched a relatively new movie lately.

The premise was interesting, albeit written weakly.  Man (played by Mr. Richard Dean Morgan) is slated to get married, bride-to-be has cold feet and calls in her favorite radio-talk show host, Emma Lloyd.  Ms. Lloyd listens to what bride-to-be says, and strongly discourages her from getting married eluding to the responsibility of Man or lack thereof, suggesting that neither are ready to be married.  Man, heart-broken and beaten, strives for revenge – which offers its cold hand.  So, ensues his revenge, but unbeknownst to either Man or Ms. Lloyd, the two fall in love – calling into question all that Ms. Lloyd holds dear in her search for REAL love with Mr. Responsible.

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It’s Time

Rockaway Beach, Oregon
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At 4pm today I will swallow the pill necessary to irridiate my thyroid.  It feels strange, and I’m nervous.  I will be driving to the coast for the weekend so as to not expose my husband and child to radiation.  (Although no one really says what the exposure does to me, ironic isn’t it? We use radiation to cure yet it can also cause.)

I’m nervous about the rainy weather and driving in the dark, but am hopeful for a relaxing weekend, alone.  Really, it will be only one day of ‘relaxing’ as the hotel does not allow a late check out, unless you want to pay $20/hour.  Part of me is tempted to just buy another night, it would be cheaper.

What you need to know about radiation & hyperthyroidism, link.


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Is it a SCAM if?

This post, by far, is my most read. I find this incredibly disheartening for a number of reasons (one is the vain hope that I write more interesting things than stumbling upon a scam). Regardless, since this is my most popular post, it clearly means lots of folks are getting hit with this awful scam. So, I am updating this post with some of the suggestions in the comment fields.

  1. Buyer beware, if it is an anonymous ad, be wary of giving out too much private information.
  2. Only give your resumes to companies you can verify, preferably with legit info in the ad. Second preference would be a company that you can search easily to get the legit information.
  3. Never, ever post your references to an on-line ad. Let’s protect their privacy too.
  4. If you get it on Craig’s List, make sure to flag it as scam.
  5. The Fountain Group of Companies, a.k.a. Mr. Edmund Wilson, are well documented scammers in Utah, and probably other states. Too bad they don’t mention that in the original ad. But, again, they are scammers.

The rest of this post details the original ad I responded to along with the response. Good luck, and don’t get scammed!

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I’m sorry

How old should a child be when they learn, “I’m sorry”?  I’ve told Levi sorry when I’ve made mistakes or blamed him for something he didn’t do or didn’t mean to do.  I’ve tried to tell him whenever it was appropriate, whenever I was sorry.  Levi is now 2 years and almost 9 months old… 33 months, almost 3 years.  Shouldn’t now be a good time for him to learn to say, “I’m sorry.”

Well, it better be.  He has a bowling ball for a head, or rather it’s that hard.  He tripped and fell today, and while I was consoling him on my lap, he whacked his head back and smacked my nose.  This was the hardest he’s ever smacked it before.  Instantly I cried, it hurt that bad.

I made him stay in his room until he said he’s sorry. He came out every so often, which we allow, but wouldn’t apologize, so I sent him back.  By the third time, we had a short (as in low to the ground) eye-to-eye chat and he mostly said sorry.  By mostly, I mean he said it and had some eye contact.

Is this the right time?  It seemed effective 2 days ago.  He’s got to learn, sooner rather than later, how his actions affect others.  So, now seems like a good time to me.