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Vocabular Maturity

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I just stumbled upon a blog that asked if maturity levels could be defined by use of grammar and vocabulary.  I found 3 word misuses, misspellings and/or typos in this short post.  I wonder what the answer would be?  Lose 10 years for every mistake?  Or understand that in this rushed world of blogging, we often fail to use the simple grammar and spell checks available with the click of a button?

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Open Source

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Many of the things I write about detail sustainability and sustainable living.  I’d like to take this post to discuss sustainability on a technological level.  Previous posts have described my frustration with computers and the next new thing.  Clearly, constantly eliminating technology in replace of newer hardware where the old hardware is simply thrown out isn’t sustainable.  But, what would an alternative be?  Open Source software that works with hardware of many ages is one such option.  Open Source software also speaks to a philosophy of shared knowledge, which in many circles is an underlying aspect to sustainability. Continue reading Open Source