United Solar Ovonic

United Solar Ovonic is opening its doors in my hometown of Greenville, Michigan.  I was unable to find a press release stating as much on their site, but I did find the job openings.

Apparently, Greenville is slated to be in National News tonight on NBC Nightly News in an interview with Anne Thompson.  Maybe this 2-3 minute segment will shed more light on the deal.

I am quite skeptical about this proposed deal.  It’s a good sign that it’s a “green technology” using the old Electrolux/Frigidair/Gibson site.  But, I wonder if it’s just a green version of smokestacking.

I suppose, only time will truly tell.

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    1. Gibson’s refrigerators. The factory was the largest for refrigerators in the U.S. We’ll see what happens now with this solar thing. I just found this link. Apparently, Frigidaire/Electrolux/Gibson are the same with Electrolux being the parent company.

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