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Thanksgiving – The Final Verdict

The Spread with all the Trimmings
The Spread with all the Trimmings

We had a very quiet Thanksgiving, which is what we wanted. Our food budget for November was $320, we actually spent $316.22, including Thanksgiving dinner. The turkey has been boiled, stock created, and the first batch of soup eaten with the rest frozen and all other leftovers consumed.

Roast turkey, brined in seasoned salt water, rosemary, oregano, and thyme
Roasted garlic mashed potatoes with butter and oregano
Dressing with homemade bread cubes, apples, and raisins
Green bean casserole
Cranberries cooked in orange juice and cane sugar

Apple Pie
Apple Pie

For dessert
Homemade apple pie
Homemade pumpkin pie with fresh (frozen) pureed sugar pumpkin from Sauvie Island Farms
Homemade whipped cream