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As you drive your nicely cleaned auto up the driveway, think about that hard surface and how it aggravates runoff problems. Or, think about how water cannot percolate naturally into the ground and eventually replenish our soil and groundwater reservoirs. is a LEED-certified company that introduces homeowners to pervious concrete pavers and something we, the editors, like to think about as ‘daylighting the soil’.
The pavers are ideal for:

  • Residential roads, alleys, driveways
  • Sidewalks and pathways
  • Patios
  • Tennis courts
  • Swimming Pool Decks

Typical flow rate for these pavers is 3-8 gallons per square foot. The company boasts, “pervious concrete can be instrumental in recharging groundwater and reducing storm water runoff.” While you’re thinking about these pavers, Google “pavers” and look at the images – there are some pretty cool options. Also, the Lucky Lab picture in this section use permeable pavers.

Permeable Surfaces and Filter Drains. 2006. Construction Industry Research and Information Association (CIRIA).

This quick read offers a how-to guide in creating permeable surfaces. Systematic instructions in an easy-to-grasp format make this a valuable resource.

Eco Car Wash Homepage.

Eco Car Wash in Portland offers an eco-friendly alternative to washing a vehicle at home in the driveway where it can spill over or burden the capacity of our sewer system. The owners say they use recycled water and biodegradable soap products.  They indicate that while they care strongly about environmental stewardship, they also provide top quality service. The website lists five area locations and discount coupons.


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