My name is Michelle Lasley. Welcome to my presence on the web.

My personal and professional goal is to educate people on the importance of a sustainable society. I play roles of leader, administrator, assistant, project coordinator and manager in various capacities all to move toward a more sustainable world. As a comfortable strategic thinker, with deliberation as a key strength, I like to take the time to find solutions to our world’s sustainable problems and then put those solutions into action and see how they work.

Relationships are key to getting our job done, and our job is to move our society to a better place, with a focus on equity, the environment, and the economy. Driven by a belief in the equilibrium of social justice, environmental health, and economic fairness, I enjoy working in diverse teams unified on tackling a challenging issue. Within various roles, I consistently focus on streamlining systems for more efficient work flows, facilitating cross-departmental teams to realize potential and achieve a unified goal, all while being highly organized in order to juggle multiple projects within a larger vision.