My name is Michelle Lasley. I hold space for women to connect. I teach people how to remove toxins from their home. And, I show up with love.

I connect women.

I connect women to their health and well-being.

I connect women to their technology.

I connect women to healthy food.

I connect women to wealth.

I connect women to each other.

Join me as we build a world we are proud to gift to our children.



I more or less finished. I “won” by reaching the 50,000-word goal. I finished on Saturday, while we enjoyed the Oregon Coast and the pounding waves of the Pacific Ocean. I hope there aren’t too many gaping holes. I hope my version of a fictional story is believable. I hope it brings hope. I hope …

The Gadget Age

The year was 1995 or 1996, and I was taking a communications class in high school. We had the opportunity to use video editing equipment, we produced a morning news show, and we even had software that allowed us to make our own 3D graphics. We upgraded our gadgets from pencil and ink to computers. …