My name is Michelle Lasley. I hold space for women to connect. I teach people how to remove toxins from their home. And, I show up with love.

I connect women.

I connect women to their health and well-being.

I connect women to their technology.

I connect women to healthy food.

I connect women to wealth.

I connect women to each other.

Join me as we build a world we are proud to gift to our children.


Post Op Conversation

The nurse called yesterday. We had to go through the normal post-op routine, ensuring things are healing in a timely fashion. I was surprised when we talked, extensively, about essential oils. I shared how I used the pain blend and other oils on Levi. She expressed surprise and awe that they let me use the …

An Excerpt a Day – Day 10

I reached the 25,000-word count today, ending the day with 25,712. I only wrote 2,695 words. Brandywine was both a refuge and an escape. Something she created, controlled, on her own. No fate intervening, like an accidental meeting at a party, like how she and Steve met.

I’m halfway there!

This was not a scheduled writing day, again. And, I just broke 25,000 words! Today is November 10th. The challenge ends in 20 days. 1/3 of the way there in time, halfway there in words. Celebrate!