My name is Michelle Lasley. I hold space for women to connect. I teach people how to remove toxins from their home. And, I show up with love.

I connect women.

I connect women to their health and well-being.

I connect women to their technology.

I connect women to healthy food.

I connect women to wealth.

I connect women to each other.

Join me as we build a world we are proud to gift to our children.

Listen With Me

Any day you open a newspaper or look to the news, we are thrown many instances of doom and gloom. One conclusion we can pull from this is that we need healing in our world. In order to get to that healing, I believe we need to relearn and reinforce some basic skills – like listening.

So, I launched a listening campaign. Through March 15, I am looking for a total of 30 people to *be listened to*. The idea is that if you receive quality listening, you will be inspired to share it. And, if enough people share listening – compassionately listening to one another – I believe we can heal our world.

Claim your spot here.


Here are some fun self-care recipes for Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is here and that probably means one of two things. Either you are excited for a fun romantic date out with your loved one or you’re preparing for Galentine’s. (My “Galentine’s” will be co-leading a book discussion on Brené Brown’s Braving the Wilderness.) Did you read my newsletter this month? Well, I talked …